About Lauren


Lauren Black is recognised as a leading figure in botanical art in Tasmania. Born in Ballarat, Victoria in 1971, she began her  study in the specialised field of botanical art in 1997 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

A passion for the Tasmanian wilderness and the states native flora brought her to the small island at the bottom of Australia in 1999, where she has since been involved in many exciting projects and commissions. Here she has worked collaboratively with botanists, artists, community and government organisations, private clients, as a teacher and also as a solo artist.

A desire to see contemporary botanical art recognised
in Tasmania has been a driving force behind her work,
and she has curated numerous exhibitions that
highlight the states fascinating botanical
treasures alongside her own work.

Lauren has won several awards including
the inaugural Margaret Flockton Award
for excellence in botanical illustration,
NSW (2004), Asialink residency to Sri
Lanka (2005) followed by a one-year
residency to Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia